Three Benefits To Buying Jewelry From An Art Gallery

Art galleries gear up for the holidays just like every other possible gift store. They bring in more artists and crafters to sell their wares. One of the most popular items for consumers to purchase from an art gallery is jewelry. Homemade artistic jewelers selling jewelry can really turn a profit this time of year. Everyone is looking for unique gifts, and nothing is more unique than art and homemade jewelry. If you are considering this option as a holiday gift for someone, here are the benefits of buying handcrafted jewelry from the art gallery near you.

Your Gift Recipient Gets a One-of-a-Kind Gift

No two pieces of jewelry are exactly alike when they are handcrafted. Even if you were to order two necklaces of the exact same design, the beads may have slight flaws or color differences that make them their own unique creations. If the necklaces are made from handmade glass or clay beads, you can expect even more variations and unique features in the jewelry.

Your Purchase Supports an Artist and/or the Gallery

Artists feature their works in a gallery with the hope of a sale. Sometimes the gallery will get a percentage of the sale, in which case your purchase supports both the artist and the gallery. Since the arts are not as fully supported in the U.S. as they are in other countries, you are doing a great deed by helping artists and art galleries here in the states.

Your Purchase Also Supports Local Business and Trade

Art gallery gift shops are considered part of your community's small business owners. Small businesses cannot survive if people do not shop them locally. Consider showing your local small businesses and art galleries your support and shop "Small Business Saturday," which is the first Saturday following Thanksgiving. This unofficial shopping holiday encourages people to spend money in small businesses and shops along Main Street, U.S.A. everywhere so that small businesses can thrive just as much as the big box stores.

While You Are At It

While you are buying handcrafted jewelry from a gallery, take some time to stroll through the gallery and see what else you like. You might even find a painting that would look great over the mantle at home, or a handcrafted rocking horse for the grandkids. There is always a lot to see and plenty of very nice gifts in an art gallery gift shop.

Visit a gallery, like Chicago Art House Gallery , for more.