They're Never Too Young: How To Get Your Kids Excited About Art

If art is an important part of your life, you want it to be just as important to your kids. The best way to do that is to get them actively involved in all aspects of art. Luckily, there are many ways that you can help your kids experience art. Here are four fun ways you can get your child excited about art.

Give Them a Different Perspective

When it comes to experiencing art, one of the best things you can do is give your kids a different perspective. One way to do that is with a camera. Kids are used to seeing the world through their own eyes. However, when they see the world through a camera lens, they get a different view of things. Not only that, but through applications such as photoshop, your child will also be able to experiment with art through the distortion of photographs.

Let Your Kids Experiment

If you want your kids to appreciate art, let them experiment with their own creations. You can do that by setting up an art studio in your home. Setting up an art studio will allow your child to experiment with a wide variety of mediums,including water colors, pastels, and oil paints. Through experimentation, your child will be able to find the medium that speaks to them. Once your child has found that medium that they like, let them expand on that by purchasing the supplies they'll need to branch out on their own.

Research a Favorite Artist

A great way to get your kids involved in art is to to let them research various artists. One way to do that is with a trip to the library. Visiting a local library will give your kids the opportunity to look at art books so that they can get a clearer picture of the artists that have shaped the world. Once your kids find a favorite artist, or two, let them continue their research until the find favorite pieces of work. From there, you can purchase inexpensive prints of the work to display in their rooms.

Visit Local Art Galleries

If your kids are old enough, plan some time to visit art galleries in your area. Exposing your kids to art galleries will allow them to view art up close. Not only that, but it will give them the opportunity to get a feel for new artists. Once your kids get old enough, allow them to begin purchasing small works of modern art for sale from local artists. Not only is this a good way to get your kids interested in art, it's a good way to support the local art community.