Finding A Photography Gallery For Your Art: Some Places To Look

Photography is an art form. However, since most galleries like to show painting and drawing media, it is tricky for artistic photographers to break into and on the art scene. If you are trying to get your art out there as a photographer, you may find it a bit tricky. Here are some places to look, which may help get your foot in the door enough to entice bigger galleries to take you seriously.

Wildlife or Scenic Photography

Galleries for wildlife and scenic photography exist in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and some of the Southwestern U.S. states. Some very prominent galleries for this subject matter are found in these states, so it helps to look them up. If this is not your subject matter, then skip these states.

Human Figures

Human figures have proved a captivating as well as controversial subject matter where photography is concerned. Sally Mann is known for her intimate photos of her own children, while Robert Mapplethorpe photographs highlight homoeroticism and BDSM subculture. Anne Geddes photographs only infants in sweet and endearing poses. As for studios that feature this art, there are dozens of them in the Soho districts of major cities.

If you photograph people, and your photos are not typically wedding or portrait photographs, then you might want to take a portfolio of your art to some of these cities and the photo galleries that exist there. It is also a good idea to visit these galleries to see if your art is something that the galleries may be willing to exhibit prior to setting up a meeting with the curators.

Politically-Charged or Global Art

Photographs that have won international fame are often used on the covers of major magazines and in newspapers. Capturing these images means that the photographers have gone to great lengths to get these images, sometimes even suffering incarceration, beatings, brutality, and/or physical and sexual assault. Even if the photographs produced were not taken under such intense duress by the artists, they still produced politically-charged images and art on a global scale that deeply emotionally affects others. 

If you feel that your photographs meet with this caliber of art, there are galleries and publication companies that want to meet with you. It may be really difficult to set up a meeting with the important powers-that-be, but you have to be persistent and keep pursuing the elusive publishers. Eventually, one of them, or one of those very big galleries, will want your art on display or in their publications.

For more information, contact your local photography gallery.