How To Create A Welcoming Foyer In Your Home

If you're like many homeowners, you've put a significant amount of thought into making your home interior as comfortable and attractive as possible. However, busy homeowners often forget about the foyer when working out their decor, and it frequently serves as simply a catch-all area with very little personality instead of a warm and welcoming introduction to the rest of the home. Fortunately, there are simple strategies available for those who want to create a welcoming ambiance in their foyer. Here's what you can do:

Provide a Small Seating Area

A small seating area in the foyer provides a place for household residents as well as guests to sit for a minute before entering the main part of the home. This could be for the purpose of removing or putting on outdoor footwear before venturing further into the home interior or before going outdoors in inclement weather. The foyer is a natural place to store both outdoor and indoor footwear, so be sure to make it as easy as possible for people to change their shoes no matter if they're coming in or going out. Even a single small chair can make a difference, but if you've got the room, provide a couple of chairs or a bench to accommodate more than one person. 

Provide a Shoe Rack

A designated shoe rack keeps footwear from cluttering up the foyer. The bottom of a small closet would be an ideal place for this, but if space doesn't permit, an attractive shoe rack does the job as well as contributes to the aesthetics of the area. At the very least, you should have a mat where people can put their shoes. 

Provide a Shelf or Table

Another essential element in the foyer is a shelf or table on which those going in or out of the home can place purses, laptops, books, and anything else they're taking or bringing into the house as they adjust their footwear or put on or take off their coats or sweaters. 

Provide a Hook for Keys

Having a specific place to put your keys immediately upon entering your home circumvents having to rummage and search for keys at the last minute when you need to be somewhere. The hook can be as ornate or as plain as you please, just as long as it's situated in a convenient spot in your foyer.

Provide Art for Visual Appeal

A purely practical foyer won't promote a welcoming ambiance, so be sure to make art a part of the picture in your home's entryway. Because foyers provide a bridge between the outdoors and the indoors, a great choice for wall art is a nature lithograph framed print. Tasteful and appealing, these work with virtually any decor scheme. Nature-based decor also adds a tranquil and serene note, which is highly desirable in home entryways.